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We build mobile friendly and AMP compliant optimized websites that drive traffic and convert your traffic. All of our websites relay on the SEO foundation best practices and the best user experience. 

An amazing web site needs to have 2 things: User experience and search engine marketing results. It has to capture the customer’s attention upon the first site. It is a balanced between engaging your potential customers, showing your product and telling your story to your audience. Visit our Discovery page today and fill your information so that Digital Mover Agency can help you create an amazing website that converts. 



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Web Design in Houston Texas

How to build a website from scratch

In order to have the best client conversion results, one must definitely improve their web site design.  Creating a web design is not as easy as it looks since you have to select and modify the layout of a particular website. In order to build a site that converts choosing you have to choose your them, the bad thing is that there are thousands upon millions of them, which can be really overwhelming 

Good thing is that choosing a theme doesnt have to be a pain in the butt especially if you get help from web design professionals here in Digital Mover Agency, we are now considered the leading Houston best website design. Here is some information that you need to take in consideration: 

Free Themes and Paid Themes: Website Design Houston has many awesome free themes, but premium and free themes have they pros and cons. You should take into consideration that sometimes really cheap is actually more expensive since free themes can have bad coding although this doesn’t mean you should only purchase an expensive one, but many times premium themes have better unique designs, support and updates. 

Responsive: This means that it will respond to any ipad, iphone or device fast. We strongly recommend that you don’t choose a template that is not mobile friendly since you wont rank on google for anything, and you also need to pay attention to loading speed. Try to always go with a theme that doesn’t deminishes website loading speed. 

SEO compliant: Digital Mover Agency provides you with this type of themes, that really play a big role on when you are trying to convert. This will give you a great way which you can make great on-page in relation to SEO and not affect your site performance. Please make sure the theme you choose is optimized for SEO purposes. 

Customized: Always go for simple in Houston Web Design. Pick a theme that is relevant to your industry and stay away from complicated templates. Search for a theme that will aid what you really want, you will soon find out that a customizable theme is way more beneficial in making your site look beautiful. The best theme is that one that lets your clients flow through your website faster.

Remember the first impression is the one that lasts, and it just takes a 1 second to get intrigued or not in your website, you only have 2-5 seconds to impress your next customer. The theme that you decide on will define it, dont make the wrong choice when selecting one since that will make you loose visitors and hurt your online impact.